The Psychology of Hustling. How Hustling Culture is a joke?

 It surely is a common stereotype that when a person reaches a certain age, hustling, and hard work start. And you know, this is what it should be.

This world is quite a place where you have to work hard to achieve a monetary value to exchange for survival. For life basically.

And anything you do, you have to be able to get those results out of it. You have to make sure you are achieving something. Because we are living in this result-driven world right now where there is a massive hustle culture where you work and bring that “BREAD” home to your family.

There is no doubt that hustling is good for you. It surely is but the notion of hustle culture is quite ridiculous but quite powerful indeed.

Why is there a need of hustling?

Well, we did talk about ‘Bread’ right? Yes, we hustle to get that bread. But in the age of social media, hustling is rather a form of showing off.

We all were children once in a while right? And we all have been there when we are given a reward for a good thing we did.

“If you clean your room, you can go out with your friends today”. “You get me those A’s and expect a wonderful present for ya”

It does ring some bell right?

We have been nurtured in a way that this reward system was in-built into us from the day we were born. To seek attention we would do stuff (hustle) that would not even make us happy.

I remember I had a group of friends in my school who were into reading scary novels. I hated reading in general but just to please my friend group I would burrow some books from the library, take it home, forget my homework, go to the brightest room in my house, and then read it as it would scare the crap out of me. I did all of this, JUST TO GET SOME ATTENTION.

This perfectly fits into the hustling culture we have made on our own and this often makes the HUSTLERS not end up being happy because all those materialistic things they bought from the hustling, were just to get some attention.

So hustling is wrong?

Well, it isn’t. No one going to hand over your needs to you. You have to work hard and hustle to get that bread for yourself and your family. But normally we have associated some stereotypes in this day and age that “you have to work 8 hours a day doing your full-time job, think of a side hustle, and work on it. You have 24 hours a day, don’t waste your time.” Well, that is a very unrealistic and pretty unsustainable kind of hustling.

If you are passionate about something and you like doing the work. Good for you but make sure you make it simpler and easier after a while.

Make sure your body is active and healthy. You are getting enough sleep and you are spending enough time with your family. Those society and social media standard hustlers often are quite depressed and lonely.

Hustle if you can buy time out of it.

Now I believe that time is everything? I believe that whatever you do, requires time so spending time rightfully is the key to living a good life.

 Now you have a high-paying job that buys you a baller lifestyle, yes it surely is quite nice to have a good car and a good house but there is no freedom. Without that, you have nothing and you are stuck doing something you don’t necessarily like but you have to pay those bills.

Now that kind of hustling is very depressing because you often face burnout and you just can’t go home and chill with your family or go on a vacation.

Now I suggest, rather than having those luxurious houses and quick cars with no freedom, having a basic lifestyle with freedom is FAR more rewarding because most of the time, as we talked about it, you don’t need a luxurious lifestyle for yourself. Buy yourself time.

Getting to your daughter’s graduation at 2 pm would be far more rewarding than getting those big salary cheques. You don’t want to miss out on your daughter’s first baby’s day of birth because apparently, you had to make a presentation on high sales year.

Know what’s important for you and hustle the right way because life is too short my friend for spending that extra cash.


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