Hopelessness in Today's World

"I don’t think it might help me, maybe it is what it is? Maybe I am not capable. There is only hopelessness in today's world”

It is very absurd that people start losing hope in little things in life. How lifeless they are? The look on their faces and their body language just screams low self-esteem and low self-respect.

Why many people these days are just looking into being hopeless? Well, some people think it quite trendy to be depressed and hopeless as you know, you get a lot of attention, support, encouragement, etc. These people will post stories about being hopeless and then seek attention from people and that is where they get their gratification.

The Toxicity of Social Media (a key factor for hopelessness in today's world)

But we are not going to talk about them. Now the world is changing lately and we are seeing some massive life changes that we weren’t ready for. The covid-19 outbreak was the worst of all. Russia and Ukraine war, the massive Palestinian-Israel conflict, and so on. The news and social media are revolving around that and people are being affected to the point that they think they are living in this worst of conditions, where everything is going terribly.

The toxicity around us is a humanitarian crisis where people just don’t care anymore until it is funny and to make fun of it. Social media shows off the world where everything is going RIGHT. A family member who is going through a financial crisis and relationship crisis is posting pictures and portraying that they are living the best lives ever!

The ones who care about you are so protective and overly possessive about you. You don’t want to hurt them by doing something wrong for you so you distance yourself from them, communicate less, and then obviously the bond goes weaker.

One can face a million more intense problems because, YES, the world is a mess and if you look at any aspect of life, you’ll find negativity within it, small or massive. And living in this world does feel quite hopeless. And yes sometimes it does feel like nothing better can happen to us so why bother trying to LIVE?

Definition of Hope

Now the question is, what is hope? It is as simple as a force that drives you to live your life and do your work. Even if you face hurdles and obstacles on the road to “living”. But hope lets you maintain resilience and helps you keep going. When you lose hope, you start to question everything in life. We have heard from people, “even the smallest things in life make me hopeless” That happens. There was something significant that led you to this position. This is a phase.

Healing Through Time and Exploration from hopelessness

I wouldn’t be cliché about not being hopeless and just telling you to talk to somebody and try to find meaning in life. Those are very great things that I am 100 percent sure, will work. But sometimes it is just the time that helps you heal. Your brain will tell you “aren’t you bored of being hopeless? Are you just going to waste the only life that God has given you” Then you start to think of the time when you are on your deathbed and then there is nothing but regret in life? Even studies have shown signs of instant regret just before death in suicides.

Embracing Positivity and Moving Forward

After that, you are just going to explore stuff. You are going to be so strong because you have been there and healed. The soreness is gone and stronger muscles are grown. Maybe after that, people might think you are heartless or very insensitive. But that wouldn’t matter. Because the ones who care and the ones you care about know who you are. An amazing, strong, caring, brave, and HOPEFUL person.

Just do the thing, stop looking into the negatives, and always start observing the positives, even the little ones. Then all you can be is hopeful for the rest of your life. Go with the flow and think about what you wanted to do. Maybe say yes to stuff that you said no to just because you were hopeless about it. Talk to the people you care about. Maybe consider doing the thing whenever ready. Don’t let it wait! You’ll have a wonderful life! "Hopelessness in today's world" Well it surely is true but never entirely. You be the hope in today's world and spread out.

Also if you need serious help, therapy would be great.

Check you some of the websites that would help you.




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