Starting my Blogging Journey

So its a new start of my Blog and as a beginner I wanted to share my experience of the journey to blogging. Having a website isn't a difficult thing at all. Like you can start a blog for free on You just have to buy a domain for yourself and you are good to go. 

Well, blogging is one of my favorite things to do but sometimes, or maybe mostly, I can't think of the topic to write on. Also, I procrastinated a lot. I think it's a disorder that whenever I upload a blog post, I feel overly relaxed and end up not writing anything for a week! Blogging needs consistency and dedication. It is said you need 10,000 hours to master a skill so consistency is the key. 

Okay, so blogging is also a way to earn money. You can display add on your blog or use affiliate marketing to earn money. And all depends on your audience. How much views do you get? According to this, you will earn money. But the thing is never to think about money when you just start your blog. Because it takes a lot of time to build an audience and then to earn a decent amount of money. Focus on the quality of writing. Or the content you are providing. 


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