Dividing by Zero

In our Math class, we were told, always, to write a zero when a number is divided by zero. Right? No. Dividing a number by zero isn't zero, it's undefined. Maybe we do not have the answer to it yet but consider this, if you divide 10 by 10 we'get 1. Dividing 10 by 5, we get 2. So this means that every time when you divide 10 by smaller number you get a bigger answer. divide 10 by half you get 20, 10 divided by quarter you get 40. So when the number divided is closer to 0, it is closer to infinity. Lets say 10 divided by 1/10000, we get 100000. To conclude dividing 10 by 0 is infinity. Right?

Well not exactly. Lets say 10 divided by 0 is infinity Okay? So if we multiply 0 by infinity we do not get 10 so this means 10/0 isn't infinity. I know its quite confusing and interesting at the same time. Mathematicians are working on it to solve the mystery of this number ZERO. Maybe 0 isn't an absence of value


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